Impact of financial institution on agrarian

Impact of Financial Institution on Agrarian Economy of Pakistan Essay

The study not only shares the importance of credit to perform any agriculture activity but also helpful for economists and policy makers for designing agri financing policies.

In recognition of the aforementioned that attempt is made in this study to provide answers or solution to the research problems below. Sugarcane yield is 40 percent lower, wheat yield is 20 percent lower, non-basmati rice yield is 40 percent lower, cotton yield is 20 percent lower and milk yield per animal is 90 percent lower than global standards.

Despite constant increasing trend in disbursement in nominal term, the loans were not expanded in qualitative term. This relationship could be attributed to the timely availability and application of the required inputs due to obtaining of the loan from ZTBL. According to regression results for all considered equations, agriculture credit contributed positively and significantly in agricultural income.

It does so by investing in rural people. With the expansion in the size of the agriculture sector, the financing needs of the sector are also increasing and there are significant opportunities for banks to deploy their funds in such remunerative avenues. However it is the fact that the productivity of agriculture commodities is very low.

Chitral, of Northern Pakistan. Too many risks in farming. The data series were examined for unit roots and cointegration. The coefficient of credit was highly significant, which showed that credit has a positive impact on the productivity.

Banking sector plays a vital role in an economy as it facilitates in payment system, mobilizes savings, and allocates funds for the most productive uses.

Impact of Financial Institution on Agrarian Economy of Pakistan Essay

Nevertheless, there would be some beneficiaries in this study which will include the government, financial institutions, large and small scale farmers as well as the general public. The IRS interest rate spread was used as the main tool to examine the relation between growth of financial markets and the economy of Chile and Taiwan between and However it is the fact that the productivity of agriculture commodities is very low.

This was done to encourage improvements on our production standard. Role of the banks and other financial institutions in agricultural growth in rural area by providing credits should be more adequate, transparent and must be monitored by Public Accounts Committee of Pakistan for the flawless provision of credit to farmers.

All the findings concluded that commercial banks were effectively serving the agricultural sector of Pakistan through their credit disbursement schemes hence improving the living standard of people living in rural areas, reducing the poverty and ultimately helping the economy of the country.

A study regarding efficiency of agricultural credit in Pakistan was conducted by Sial and Carter highlighted that the individuals who obtained average size loans produced 48 percent more output than the non-borrowers. No economy can progress unless its financial sector facilitates its business activity consistently, and in the case of a developing country like Pakistan, these FIs act as a necessary catalyst for economic growth as well.

This is only a case study since the result will be directly relevant to financial institution in agricultural development in Nigeria and the society at large Share on social media: The research revealed empirical evidence that banking development, agriculture sector and industrial sector affects the economic growth although the percentage of the contribution were relatively small.

Data on relevant variables were collected from the Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin, However, agriculture is very important in most developing countries.


Hussain estimated the impact of major agriculture inputs credit disbursement, area under cultivation, fertilizer consumption and water availability on total rice production in Pakistan using a time series ranging from to It provided some evidence that there is a significant relationship between interst rate spread and economical growth.

The basic idea behind the model use is the vector autoregression VAR model is one of the most successful, flexible, and easy to use models for the analysis of multivariate time series. Farmers in some cases do not get their disbursement from the ministries loan units in good time for finely operation 3.

In Pakistan, majority of the cultivators belong to the category of small farmers. The use of finance in farming leads to rapid increase in farm land value which necessitates the farmers to look outward for fund.

Stochastic Frontier Analysis SFA technique was utilized at farm level survey data of farmers for the year The VAR model has proven to be especially useful for describing the dynamic behavior of economic and financial time series and or forecasting.

Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager. Benson examined the impact of institutional support and macroeconomic policy on the growth performance of the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

It is the dire need of the day to enhance agriculture production to cope with the challenges of ever increasing demand for food and fiber. Farmers immediately need funds after the harvesting period for the next cropping season because of cash scarcity and non-payment of nearly harvested crop.

FIs perform the vital function of intermediation between providers of investable unds depositors, securities holders etc and the users of such funds namely businesses. Data used in this paper will be time series data in the period of to annually.

In the export earnings, direct as well as indirect share of agriculture is very high. Secondary data penetrating from will collecte and analyze using E. A lot had been done by the banks for the above classes of people residing in rural areas.

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Pakistani farmers can benefit from this model by ensuring lending to cooperatives from commercial banks, and the provision of crop insurance. Nov 24,  · The study investigates relative impact of financial sector reforms on agricultural and manufacturing sector growth in Nigeria.

To guide the study, Ordinary Least Square technique was adopted and Eviews econometric software was utilized for the analysis. Impact of Financial Institution on Agrarian Economy of Pakistan Essay. The Agriculture sector continues to play a major role in Pakistan’s economy - Impact of Financial Institution on Agrarian Economy of Pakistan Essay introduction.

It is the second largest sector of. therefore is an attempt to examine the impact of informal financial institution on agricultural production of rural farmers in Yobe State.

Impact of Financial Institution on Agrarian Economy of Pakistan Essay

2. Conceptual Framework The concept of informal financial institutions has been defined by variously by researchers and thinkers. The origin, structures and operations of the informal financial institutions. This paper has sought to quantify the inter-relationships among the investment decisions of government, financial institutions and farmers and their joint effects on agricultural investment and.

internal control system as a factor of fraud prevention in nigeria financial institution; problem of revenue source in local government administration; Some analysis shows that the loan advanced to farmers by the scheme to the made limited impact on Agricultural development as the net additions to the supply or Agricultural commodities minimal.

It is a known fact that agriculture is the lifeblood of the Nigerian Economy. The sector (Agriculture) has contributed immensely to the development of the.

Impact of financial institution on agrarian
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